After making some pretty massive life shifts in the past year, I’ve been finding my priorities shifting towards intentional living in order to boost my happiness.

What’s up with the name? Well, food is absolutely one of my biggest passions. If I’m not eating it, you can be sure I’m either daydreaming about it, planning my next meal or perusing a cute market with fun culinary finds. Everything about it excites me, especially as I’ve recently shifted towards a plant-based lifestyle. “Dish” refers to this obsession of mine, as I will be sharing some of my kitchen creations.

The word “glow”, to me, encompasses so much more than physical wellness, but also your holistic positivity towards life. I’ve become somewhat of a personal development addict, between inspiring blogs, podcasts, reads and my embarrassing love of Oprah. I’ll be sharing my latest finds on how to become a better and happier version of myself, if only to serve as a personal reminder!

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