September Wellness Goals


August winding down means the start of a new routine- one final year of school, my grad program! This summer has been full of meaningful challenges and growth as I’ve adjusted to my new city. And just as the comfort level of my apartment, full-time job and routine has settled in, it’ll be uprooted again in a positive direction.

I’m looking forward to having more control over my time. Even though I will have more obligations, between a part-time job at a local food shop, an energy exchange at my new yoga studio and of course an intense 12 month fundraising program, it will be things that I have consciously chosen. That being said, I want to go into September with a few intentions to keep in mind:

  1. Take time for myself every morning. Now that I’m used to the 5 am wake-up life, I can easily implement a daily habit of yoga & meditation. I will start the day on the mat to set the tone for the rest of the day. Being mindful in the morning is essential for my mental wellbeing!
  2. Stay on top of my schoolwork. I want to excel in this program & be at the top of my class, which means I’ll need to apply every productivity tool possible. My new weekly to-do list pad will be key, along with applying the Pomodoro method of intervals of 25 mins of focused work and a 5 min break.
  3. Continue to push myself out of my comfort zone. I heard a quote the other day that said we should strive for “appropriate discomfort” over “inappropriate comfort” in our lives. To me this means balancing your comfortable mental wellbeing with pushing yourself into things that may be uncomfortable but are excellent for growth- like going to that meetup that I’ve wanted to attend, joining the conference planning team at school & participating in class or trying full wheel or dolphin pose in yoga class.
  4. Stick to my budget and save half my money from my part-time job: whether that money ends up going towards an internship in Guatemala, the plant-based nutrition course, or even just towards paying off student debt, I want to be intentional with this extra income.
  5. Be kind to myself as I go through yet another period of adjustment!

Paige xx





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